Why should you do regular wheel alignments?

Here are 4 good reasons why wheel alignment is good for your car, your bank account, and your peace of mind.

1: Better gas mileage. When wheels are aligned properly, it cuts down on rolling resistance, which means, that you car doesn’t have to work as hard or burn as much fuel in order to move forward: less money on gas, less air pollution.

2: More mileage out of your tires. Properly done wheel alignments ensure that your tires wear evenly, making them last as long as possible.

3: Less wear and tear on other parts. In order to keep the car straight, you need to put pressure on the steering system, and when you brake you often feel the car is pulling, indicating that the brakes need to work harder on one side than the other.

4: Easier to drive. One of the biggest advantages of having your car wheels aligned properly is that it is easier to drive: your vehicle is not pulling to the left or to the right, steering wheel is not off center and there is no unusual handling or vibration.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your car should get regular wheel alignments. Not only does having your car wheels aligned properly save you money on gas, repairs and tires, but it also gives you better peace of mind to know that your car is being cared for properly.

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